i met anaquad through the american legion in hollywood. he is a vietnam veteran of native american heritage. he is also a professional pool player and has, with patience taught me a few things about billiards. i finally got with him in the studio as he needed some headshots for his new endeavor…. acting. so look out for him on the big screen.



phillip king – universal harp II


phillip has such strong features and so comfortable being in front of the camera that is was hard to edit down. after some time, this ended up as one of my favorites. i hope to think that this portrait reflects his music. his intensity in his eyes stem from the streets and his martial arts background accompanied by his harp and the symbolism it represents. to hear some of his amazing work… here is his link



here’s a set of images with dominique. rachael tann did a great job on makeup. special thanks to designer luciana salamone for lending us the beautiful jacket.


phillip king – universal harp

i came across phillip in the streets of downtown los angeles, he was playing his harp outside one of the metro stations. i love street artists for their passion and rawness. we spoke a bit and i offered to photograph some portraits. during our session he also mentioned that he beat boxes while playing the harp and played me some of his recordings from his upcoming ep. i really dig the urban textures he fuses with the beauty of the harp. more info can be found here: http://www.universalharp.comphilip-


back in the day… when i attended a photo history class, i was inspired by so many photographers from the past: henri cartier-bresson, atget, irving penn, august sander, just to name a few… but, the photographer that i think that influences me the most today with her portraiture is annie leibovitz, her body of work is amazing. i wanted to create a classic portrait with a modern feel and i’m pretty happy with this one. big thanks to beautiful model danielle perry and rachael vang for the awesome makeup once again.



jesus is from santander, spain and currently resides in los angeles. we’ve worked together for a few years now at a tinto tapas, a spanish restaurant in west hollywood. he asked to get some portraits done and this is one of my favorites. it’s been a while since i made a portrait in black and white, i must say i am pretty happy with the result.jesus1 copy

hollywood post 43 – steven elliott

steven is the curator of the hollywood american legion post 43 museum. as a vital member of the post, he also manages the website: